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6 Reasons To Become a ZAP Sales Partner: #2 Grow Within your Customer

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Posted by Guest Author on 17 July 2020

Take off your ERP blinders! Say “Yes” to growing within your Customer

Sir Richard Branson makes the phrase “Fake It Until You Make It” much more meaningful and elegant with his quote, “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” But here is the deal…  You do not have to FAKE anything when it comes to growing within your customer, especially if you consider our words here about opportunities which Data and Analytics uniquely present to you.

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Take off your ERP blinders! Say “Yes” to growing within your Customer

At some point in your journey with your ERP customers, because it is HARD, you may not feel like you have been given a great opportunity (or the Keys to the Castle.)  This is often due to the focus, emphasis and dare I say pressure being put on the move to a new ERP – and maybe a little lack of insight into the system’s data.

Regardless, the keys your team do hold unlock a wealth of opportunity to work with and grow your capability within the customer.   What is really great is, if you have included ZAP Data Hub, saying “Yes” to amazing opportunity is based on our technology which your team likely already knows (or can learn easily thanks to our AWESOME education and partner readiness program).

The investments you make to bring a wealth of customer data from the ERP into an automated data warehouse leave you with the greater capacity to expand to other data, and expand your wealth.

So, how do you do that?

One Thing Leads to Another

It is pretty simple.   You can start by promoting your great understanding of your customer’s business processes from the ERP deployment and ask for time with related stakeholders to understand other data sources.

Here at ZAP, we make this easier because we support your team with “Out of the Box” analytics, delivered on platforms like Power BI, for areas like Sales, Purchasing, Finance and other Operations.   These analytics, based on the ERP data, can serve as the icebreaker for a conversation about what analytics an executive stakeholder or a team (i.e. Sales) need and where does any additional data live (maybe in a CRM application?)  And regardless of where data lives or what the data source is, ZAP Data hub is likely going to have a “Yes” you can offer to those stakeholders.


Move from Supplier to Advisor

No offense, but if you ONLY deliver the ERP and do not expand your relationship, your customer is going to see you as a “Supplier”.    And being a supplier commoditizes your services thus introducing a fair amount of risk for replacement.  Candidly, we see this scenario a bit too much for my comfort.   If you want to get out of the Supplier trap and become an Advisor, Data and Analytics is a great way to evolve with your customer.

Here is the “Hack” in all of this… Achieving Advisory Skills means you can speak more authoritatively in the next customer, too.    This is especially true if there is an industry focus in the way you acquire customers.   Someone has to be the first for a given ERP in a given industry AND the world LOVES Vertical or Industry expertise.     “Data and Analytics” = Demonstrable Vertical Expertise and often satisfied customers!


Keep the Wolves at Bay

Maybe you are convinced your team already has secured the partner/customer relationship and you feel you achieved it without “Data and Analytics”… well, there is another partner (probably one we work with) who wants that customer.

So, what will they do?   Well, we have seen the scenarios where the lackluster reporting which doesn’t really help the customer to do real analysis is targeted by the wolves.   The wolves exploit the fact the right solution could have been brought already but was not.    Wolves are relentless because they know getting a customer say “Yes” makes you look like you were faking it.

Keeping the wolves at bay means being proactive, fearlessly pursuing additional services where you can bring significant value.   Sound good?!?  Well, all you have to do is say “Yes”!


Make us put our money where our mouth is

If your business is selling and implementing ERP, we can get you plenty of opportunities for your customers to say “Yes” with Data and Analytics.   You have proven the ability to win (and probably want to protect those relationships).  Now, you can learn more about our Partner Program and the power of saying “Yes”!

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