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6 Reasons To Become a ZAP Sales Partner: #3 Build Out a BI Practice

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Posted by Guest Author on 24 July 2020

A Quick Guide to Building a true “Data and Analytics” Practice for Partners

So, sometimes the truth hurts…. Like facing the fact that your company’s softball team is just no good. If you are a Mid-Market ERP partner, you can probably live without your company’s softball team winning a championship. But here is a truth you should not have to face OR live with: your two report writers amongst your team of consultants do not make for a true “Data and Analytics” practice.

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Just like the company softball team, your “Analytics Team” might be great at drinking beer, eating chicken wings, and swinging a bat but in the game of succeeding with your customers and data, your team could be destined to lose!

If you are offended, keep reading! If you are not offended, really consider the value you are giving your customers around data, take a look at your team AND then keep reading.


A Quick Guide to Building a true “Data and Analytics” Practice

The good news is, as a partner, you can make some smart selections in tools which turn on a “Data and Analytics” capability, unlike anything you have ever seen.

The BEST data and analytics tools are the ones which will address the variety of data sources you interact with on behalf of your customers.   Even if you ONLY deploy ERPs, you likely have multiple products you represent and tools like ZAP Data Hub make the journey AND investment of learning how to build proper data and analytics solutions very approachable.

With an approachable toolset that automates many of the more technical facets, layered across all the products you sell, you can really lift your consulting expertise to play a part (or become the team) in a championship way for your organization in a way you may have only dreamt about.


So for starters, can EVERYONE bat?

With an approachable toolset, the focus goes back to the strengths your team has and in what your company does best, CONSULTING. Some of your team may be best suited for bunting, others will get a base hit and yes, PUN intended, your heavy hitters can SWING for the fences!

The point here is you have fully entrenched teams working closely with your customers during the ERP deployment and far too often we see a partner bring in a “pinch hitter” to try and drive a relatively LAME reporting solution. It is really a travesty and is so absolutely avoided when you have approachable analytics tools like those we enable on Power BI, Tableau, and ship with our smart ERP solutions in ZAP Data Hub. Getting great functionality, which your customer knowledgeable staff can use and deliver readily out of the box… That sounds like a home run!


Scoring at every opportunity

There is a certain reality about making analytics a complete part of your overall solution.  If you are vertically focused, analytics prove your worth and build a great deal of intrinsic value in your offering.

With approachable analytics tools that can work with your customer's old ERP data, the new ERP and most of the other data in their landscape, you have MANY opportunities to drive additional “Data and Analytics” services.   The runs on the board here will be the success your team delivers in analyzing data, talking (consulting) about the performance and direction of the business PLUS instilling ability for the customer to do some analysis themselves.

So many people think of reports as the way to finally cross home plate in an ERP Deployment, maybe it is time you thought of Data and Analytics as a way to take a victory lap throughout your entire relationship with your customer!


Ready to get in the game?

If your business is selling and implementing ERP, we can help you build your best “Data and Analytics” team to fully get in the game.   Feel free to reach out and learn more about our Partner Program and how a little coaching and the right equipment make ALL the difference!

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