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6 Reasons To Become a ZAP Sales Partner: #6 Make Cloud Part of the Conversation

Guest Author

Posted by Guest Author on 14 August 2020

Your ERP Customers and their Data: Making Cloud part of the Conversation

More played out than your favorite songs from high school is the message about “Cloud and ERP”. However, if you OR your customers’ hairstyle, clothes or opinions about ERP and Cloud have not changed in decades, it is time to attack this topic where it matters (and where you can win), with great Data and Analytics capabilities for your customers!

(To consider whether a move to the cloud is right for you, read our blog post here: Eight factors to consider when weighing up a move to SaaS. (")

We are not here to rattle off statistics about the cloud and how it technically brings value.   As (potential) partners, we are here to tell you about what we do to make cloud part of the conversation and provide value to your customer, while providing real revenue to your organization.

So, how about we take a look at the forecast?


If it is not broken, you STILL better fix it

We are particularly fortunate that our platform, ZAP Data Hub, runs where you as a partner and your customer choose to have it run.    We have been deployed in over 45 countries on customer premises and we have a fleet of customers who take advantage of not running it on their premises, opting for cloud.  It is a matter of choice but make no mistake, until you help your customer understand how to take full advantage of data they have spread across their multitude of environments/sources, there will be no digitally transformative conversations to be had and cloud is likely not in the forecast.

If you have customers who are simply opposed to the cloud, show them ZAP Data Hub.    Our solution can be delivered seamlessly from a ZAP SaaS environment OR can run on a private cloud.   We can access a variety of data using Data Gateway technology and have very successfully blended geographically dispersed data for complex, multi-company/country ERP customers.   YES, even for legacy ERP customers, cloud can have a great deal of appeal!


Hey, you! Get onto our cloud!

Yes!  “Get onto our cloud!”

Now, this could be the ZAP SaaS Cloud which is VERY cost effective and delivers a tremendous amount of value OR it could be the managed cloud offering of your firm.    We are flexible in a way that means, whatever your business model – if re-platforming your customers OR simply getting them to explore the cloud, we have a place for this in the way we partner with you.

ZAP, as both a provider of cloud software and a provider of software which can enable your cloud, there are GREAT business models to be explored.   Business Models we hold uniquely open to you, our partners; particularly partners who have a great relationship with a good number of ERP customers.

Sounds a little cliché but the “Sky is the Limit”.  Imagine recurring licenses, multi-year subscriptions, monthly services and guaranteed success driving NET NEW revenue for your firm.  Your Revenue Team’s heads will be in the Clouds!


Bring all your data under one umbrella

The most fantastic thing about having SaaS-Available/Private Cloud Deployable Data Hub means partnering with ZAP you can go after all the data your customer has using a single common toolset.   Imagine forgoing the legacy conversations about storage, CPUs, memory and software licensing and simply deploying a data gateway where “Out of the Box” analytics for Sage, SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics, SYSPRO or others could be enabled and deployed quickly to re-shape the perspective that “Change is Hard”.     Heck, use our pre-packaged analytics we have enabled using Tableau and Power BI, as well.   It is time to positively affect your company and your customers!

Imagine doing this process for multiple sources of data, across many customers in a repeatable, low risk way.   Your team’s revenue hopes are starting to soar and it sounds like there is sunshine in the Forecast, too!


You gave them the tools… Now make it rain!

If your business has been about selling and implementing ERP, with a good track record of deployed customers, we can get you plenty of opportunities to consider the power of Data and Analytics in the Cloud.   No HOT AIR, No Blustery staff just candid insights about doing more for your customers and getting more value from those relationships!

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